GlassAR-location based event application

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GlassAR is a location based event google glass application idea I brainstormed with my teammate Serhan Ulkumen.

And here’s some of the highlights of the idea… :)

•We wanted to leverage some of the most unique aspects of glass, such as having a heads up display and head tracking available. So we thought of combining the two ideas of field trip and watsup. In order to create a real time AR overlay of events happening around the user when he/she looks around.

•The ux would look like an updated version of yelp monocle and it would show event directions, times, and descriptive keywords option. Also when the user rotates their head they will see little circles for information and if they alight their view to the circle for a determined amount if time additional information becomes available.

•It does this in a similar way to Watsup, which aggregates real time Instagram and Twitter trending events in the area. So imagine looking around, with glass, and seeing events around you, from concerts to art festivals, sport events and other relevant content in the area.