Interactive game design : Schooldilocks! Game

Schooldilocks is an icebreaker co-op reality game designed for college freshman in a campus setting. This is played in a three people group. As a group, people solve puzzles together and develop their own Schooldilock story within gameplay.

Interactive piece_suyuting

Google Glass Interactive Experience : World Under

World Under is an indoor performance/ big game experience inspired by the Japanese folklore “Hyakki Yagyō“. Players can enter the game themselves or play and enjoy the game with their friends to navigate through a maze, enjoy the miraculous world, trap monsters, and rescue the innocent souls that were locked up at the center of the maze.

Google Glass_suyuting

Real Escape Game design : Princess

“Princess” is a series of two unconventional Role-Playing Real Escape games. The first is smaller with an easier setting which serve as the introduction of the whole story and grab public’s attention. The second one is a bigger social puzzle escape game, which will extend the boarder of simple puzzle solving to a group role-playing experience. The escape games includes riddles, scientific experiments, projection arts, and technical apparatus. Players have to be observant and use their critical thinking skills to complete their missions as well as find their ways out.

Design Doc_Princess_suyuting

ARG design : Escape From Master Jervis : Who is this guy?

This four-week long ARG Escape From Master Jervis : Who is this guy? is an adaptation of Jean Webster’s novel Daddy-Long-Legs (1912). Players will be welcomed to walk in the protagonist’s life and share her struggle with the rules from her sponsorship.

4 weeks ARG Escape From Master Jervis_suyuting

comic scripts : Sciva, the Royal Academy of Necromancers

Sciva is the comic book scripts for a six pages comic. Spooky-cute tone.

The story is around the students in Sciva, the Royal Academy of Necromancer, and the grand kitchen that serves food to minions.

Please check the link to read Sciva, by Yuting Su

fantacy novel : Eithna

Eithna is an urban fantasy story. Settled in world war two, about humane, love, war, rebirth and hope.

Check the link to read the prologue and first chapter of Eithna- Eithna by YutingSu

short story : Time Zone

Time Zome  by Yuting Su

Please check the link below to read my short story Time Zone-

Time Zone


system treatment :

system treatment : is a web­ based family social networking system designed for families where all members are geographical distanced apart. Please…